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Poison's Concerts ROCK!!!!

Already last year in september poison had a concert here in Winnipeg and boy it was an awsome concert. They had some cool side effects for their show with the fire going and ligth show. It was awsome. Also Brett Micheals looked sexy as ever. I wish I could have saw them on their flesh and blood tour, but I was too young then, but my sisters had gone to their concert that time and they said that brett micheals had those unskinney bop girls dancing around him. That would have been awsome to see. Wish I had a chace to meet them though. But hey at least I saw them live. And the top it off, it was awsome that Def Leppards concert was the next day. They were touring back to back lol. Well just thought I would post in here cause I am a huge poison fan as well!!!!
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