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Pardon my punctuation! Haha

This is really long so if you don’t wanna read all the details, then look at the pics at the end and you’ll get an idea of what its about! :)

My boyfriend Matt and I went to the Poison [ROCKS!!]/Kiss [SUCKS] show last night. We got there like 10 minutes after the gates opened and someone had told me how a friend of theirs met Bret and CC just by standing out by their tour bus, so I thought “hey its worth a try”. So we walked around and saw 2 tour buses and just waited there and looked around the gate for any signs of Poison. CC walked by and I called my mom to tell her. This guy walked up and asked if anyone had shown up yet while I was telling my mom about CC. Then I said, “yeah CC just walked by.” And he said, “oh CC’s been here for 3 hours. I’m looking for Bret”. Then I told my mom that I would die if Bret walked by. Then the guy said, “I’ve known Bret for 20 years, he’s a really good friend of mine. What other hair bands do you like”? I listed Cinderella, Def Leppard, Skid Row, Great White, Whitesnake and he said “and who else? You got part of the word”…and I repeated Great White and Whitesnake and said “White…” and he said “Lion…yeah that’s my band. I’m the guitarist”. So I laughed and shook his hand and said “nice to meet you”. Then he said “how old are you”? and I told him 20 and he said I look 13 lol. I have Bret’s Something to Believe In tattoo on my back and I showed him and he loved it and said “I’ll tell you what. When I find Bret, I’ll tell him that this really hot girl [hahaha I laughed so hard at that] with his tattoo wants to meet him and I’ll see if I can get you guys some backstage passes”. I was seriously jumping up and down screaming “OMG I love you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! OMG OMG OMG”!! He laughed and said “no problem sweetie. Where are you sitting so I can come find you? I’m gonna go see what I can do”. And he walked off. I was freaking out and called my mom and told her and asked her to pray that this would work out. We waited a little while, but he never came back, so we headed up front to get in line cause Poison was starting in 45 minutes. We got in after only waiting in line for like 5 minutes and headed for the merch table. We waited and waited and waited for someone to ask us what we wanted until finally, I screamed at the guy “HEY! Am I invisible? Can you pleassssse help me next?! If I miss one second of Poison…*angry face*” So he FINALLY got my shirts like 15 minutes before 7 which was when the show was supposed to start. Well, Poison wasn’t first. It was some lame wannabe rockstar band named Zo2. While waiting for Poison, this guy behind me noticed my tattoo and took a picture of it. Then we saw Vito [White Lion guitarist] and I told Matt to go over there and ask him about Bret. Then he looked for me and I waved at him and he told me to come over there. So I walked over to him and he said “strip. Just kidding”. I just kinda laughed and he made me show the security guards my tattoo and they all liked it too. I’m thinking “wow. it’s a good thing I got this! It’ll be ticket to meet Bret”! Of course this was mostly wishful thinking, but hey, a girl can dream! Then he said “I don’t know about Bret yet, but when Poison is finished, meet me outside the gate, like 30 minutes after and I’ll see if I cant get you in.”

So onto the show!

Poison was about to come out [if you’re ever at a Poison show and you hear “Highway to Hell” by AC/DC, get prepared, cause Poison is next!] so Matt and I made our way up to the front. I do this every year and I never had a problem with the security guards until last night. We kept trying and they kept pushing us back telling us that spot was reserved and to go back to our seats[stupid Kiss army seats! Grrrr]. I was ticked. They’ve never sent me back to my seat before. I’m ALWAYS in front row center getting smashed at the front of the gate that separates the crowd from the stage. So the guy behind us that took the pic of my tat said “c’mon we’ll get up there”. and they sent us back to our seats again. I’ve never had worse seats for a Poison show. I was so upset. I couldn’t even get good pictures. *waves fists at reserved Kiss army seats*. My eyes seriously started watering. But I tried to make the most of the situation and rocked out as hard as I could. Metal signs up in the air, moving/trying to dance lol as much as I could, jumping up and down and screaming/singing at the top of my lungs.

Regardless of where my seat was though, they were AMAZING LIKE ALWAYS! They should have headlined instead! SOOOOOOOOOOOO much better than Kiss!

Set list:

Look What the Cat Dragged In

Fallen Angel

Ride the Wind [my absolute fave!]

I Wont Forget You

Your Mama Don’t Dance

Unskinny Bop

Something to Believe In

Every Rose has its Thorn

Nothin but a Good Time

Talk Dirty to Me

Needless to say, I’m sore all over and I lost my voice. Rock N Roll! Haha

I had NO idea what gate Vito wanted us to meet him at. All I understood was “out the gate, to the left” but I didn’t know which gate so I was freaking out cause I didn’t wanna miss him and my chance of a lifetime. I decided that it would be best to just wait for him out by the buses where we first saw him. I saw Vito and thought I would follow him and Matt stayed there. But while I was gone, the worst thing that could have happened to me, happened. BRET walked out and saw Matt standing there and shook his hand. Matt said “Can you wait just one second? I have the most die hard fan that wants to meet you, she‘s just around the corner” and Bret said “Yeah I have to go do something on my bus, but I promise I’ll be right back”. I came back around the corner and Matt was running toward me screaming and told me what happened. OMG I was SO ticked that he got to meet Bret and I didn’t. I was fuming. Matt kept telling me Bret would be right back and I kept telling him that he better hope so for his sake. After about 10 minutes, I looked up and who was getting out of his bus smiling at me?! None other than BRET MICHAELS himself! I was smiling from ear to ear once again saying “OMG! OMG! OMG”! he said “how are you doing sweetie”? and he shook my hand and that’s about when I completely lost it! We hugged and I told him how it was a honor to meet him, that its been my dream my whole life. Then I asked him to sign my Poison shirt. He started signing on my back and asked Matt to hold the shirt up for him. Then he asked how to spell my name, but it would have been fine with me if he called me George. Lol.

He signed it--“Courtney, Love Bret Michales” *sigh*

Then Matt told him he had something to show him. And pointed at my lower back at my tat. Matt said Bret’s face was in awe and he said “Wow. That’s awesome! Its even better than mine”! HOLY CRAP! Bret said mine was better than his! *giggles* and I looked at him and touched his arm [well Matt said I groped it lol] where his is and was freaking out saying “it’s the original”! haha. Then I asked for a picture and Big John [Bret’s security guard] took the camera and took a picture of Bret and me. *look below for picture where I’m smiling like an idiot!* Then Matt went to get a pic with him, but I of course had to jump in! haha. Then we hugged 2 more times. Hehe. Then Big John said “Boss, we gotta go in”. Bret asked us if we were going back in for Kiss and we said that they wouldn’t let us back in cause we already walked out and he said “I’ll get you in. I’ll just tell them you’re my cousins or something”. *insert most surprised look you’ll ever see and that will be my face* Matt and I were amazed. We started following him in and the guard was like “hey, where are you going”? and Bret said, “its cool, they’re with me. They’ve been with us the whole time”! HA! Take that guard! Lol. Bret said “just lead them in by our dressing room and get them back in”. As we were walking in, Bret pointed to my tat and said “that’s awesome. Thanks again for that. I‘ll see you guys next year”! I hugged him again and said “it was inspired by you”! Then another guard tried to stop us from walking back in and Big John said “they’re ok. They’re friends of ours”! So we were let back in the venue by Mr. Bret Michaels himself! *still thinks I’m dreaming* I called my mom crying cause I was SO happy that my dream finally came true. We saw Vito in there and he said he had my pass, but that he saw us with Bret hehe so he guessed we didn’t need it and that he was glad that I got to meet him and I thanked him again.

I didn’t really wanna stay for Kiss, but out of respect for Bret, we went back in to our seats. We stayed for 2 ½ songs and wow does Kiss suck! Seriously, what the heck is all the hype about? They are one of THE worst bands I’ve ever seen and trust me, I’ve seen bad. We just decided to walk out and sit in the car and listen to Poison and wait for Kiss to finish and go to the tour buses again cause eventually, CC, Rikki, and Bobby had to walk out.. Well I got tired of sitting in the car, so I told Matt I wanted to go for a walk. We waited for I guess an hour and I see CC coming. He’s halfway out the gate when he recognizes someone and stops to talk to him for 30 minutes. Now I’m very impatient and it seemed like forever. But he finally came out and I walked up to him and asked if he would sign my shirt. My voice was pretty much gone at this point and he looked at me and said “Whats wrong hun, are you ok”? and gave me a big kiss on my cheek. I thought I was gonna faint! CC DeVille kissed my cheek! Hehe! Then I got my picture taken with him too. *see below* Big John ushered him to the bus as other fans started gathering around him and CC ushered us to followed him. So we did. I had some pictures with me that I’ve taken the past 3 years and CC started looking at them and this girl gave him something to sign and he was so wrapped up in the pics tha the tried to give me her autographed booklet! Lol. She got kinda mad, but oh well. He was looking at the pics and said “oh there’s CC! That was the Glam Slam Metal Jam”. I told him that my mom would kill me if I didn’t get his autograph so he signed the pic for her. *continues looking at pics* “This was the Hollyweird tour. My hair was purple. And there’s Bret. And Bret. And oh there’s Rikki. And there’s Bobby. OH and there I am! That was the Hollyweird tour. I had purple hair. There’s Bret and Bret and…*his voice started sounding jealous…haha that was sooo CC!* more Bret and oh there’s CC again with dumb hat”. I told him that the hat wasn’t dumb and he smiled. People were getting mad cause he was only talking to me, but I don’t really care! I wasn’t about to tell him to stop! Haha.

After CC got ushered onto his bus by Big John and it left, Bret sat on the stairs of his bus meeting people. I got in line and got to meet him for the 2nd time. *huge smile* He saw me and said “hey how are you doing sweetheart”? I handed him a necklace that I made for him and said that I meant to give it to him earlier but I was so excited that I forgot and he said “Is this mine? can I keep this? I’m gonna put it on”. I asked if he cared if I got another pic and he said “sure cmon on up.” [You can see him holding the necklace in the picture of us on the bus.] I hugged him and told him once again how it was a honor to meet him and he thanked me. As I was walking off the bus, he said “Bye Courtney! And *pause* Matt! See you next year”! I was so shocked that he remembered my name. I just smiled and giggled and said “Bye Bret”!

Then we waited for about hour for Rikki. Vito came out and I got him to sign my photo album and thanked him again for everything and he said “no thank you sweetie” and I asked him if Rikki had come out yet and he said no. I finally saw Rikki, but he kept kissing some girl goodbye and I was like “stop it! I wanna meet you!” lol. He came out and I asked him to sign my shirt and then I got a picture with him too. He turned around and saw Matt and shook his hand and as Big John was leading him to the bus, I said “hey can I get that in a picture? Rikki, you’re his favorite”, so he said “hey man, what do you wanna do?” and just grabbed Matt’s hand in this weird handshake thing haha and I took the pic. Its really cute.

I hate to say this, but I didn’t wanna wait for Bobby. We had already waited 3-4 hours after the show to meet the others and I met my favorites [in the order that I like them. How odd!] and I was happy. Beyond happy. I left there skipping to the car. Lol.

It was THE BEST day/night of my entire life and NOTHING will EVER compare! THANK YOU GOD SOOOOOOOOOO MUCH! Lots of prayers and determination really pay off! I will NEVER forget this! I’m am so grateful!












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