Miss Attitude (nsyncattitude) wrote in poisongurrls,
Miss Attitude

Bret in a magazine!!!

Bret Michaels is in this weeks Country Weekly!!! The person on this weeks cover is LeAnn Rimes. So if you see that cover then that is the one that has Bret in it. I will warn you that it is a small photo of Bret. It is the section about how the song "Chicks Dig It" by Chris Cagle was written. As you may know Chris Cagle and Bret Michaels are good friends. The photo is of when Bret Michaels came out on stage during last years CMA Festival concert that Chris Cagle was performing at. Chris is wearing a Poison Tour 2004 shirt. If you look in the back of the photo you see Bret's face. Now if you didn't notice the Poison shirt and didn't know that Bret Michaels was on stage during that performance. You never would have seen and notice Bret in the photo!!!
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