Miss Attitude (nsyncattitude) wrote in poisongurrls,
Miss Attitude

Need some help!!!

I know there is a Bret fans that are willing to help him with promoting on his video for "All I Ever Needed" featuring Jessica Andrews. At this moment CMT isn't playing the video at all!!! The song and video are beautiful!!! So this is where Bret needs your help. I need you all to e-mail CMT at this e-mail address questions@cmt.com. Saying that you would love to see Bret's new video. It won't take that long to just write that you would love to see the video and to send the e-mail. Now please can you all do that. Whether you are a Bret Michaels fan or not. The song and video is just great but CMT needs a little push by the fans to get them to play it. So agian please help out by just sending an e-mail saying you would like to see the video!!! Thanks to everyone that helps out!!!
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